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A Journey of Self-Discovery

Hello Beautiful Humans,

I know it's been forever since I've posted but a hiatus was necessary for me to regroup my blogging ideas and have some time for self-discovery. The last few months have proven to be some of the most inspiring and challenging moments of my life. 2017, in general, was an incredibly inspiring year. The whole year was spent learning life lessons and new things about myself.

Self-discovery, in a time when the world attempts to make you blend into their standards, is vital, because when there are a myriad of people telling you how you should live your life and how you should look and dress and act, it's easy to get caught up and "lost in the sauce."

This journey doesn't have to be drastic all the time, the simplest daily encounters contribute, if you allow them to. Here are some of the practices that I have used to help me get through this time:

1. Stay Humble, Listen and Learn From Others

The world is a wealth of knowledge. Each day can be used as an exchange of that knowledge whether that be intellectual, experience driven, or wisdom inspired. We don't have all the answers, there's no guide book to life. Use the people and experiences around to culture and remind yourself there's always room for growth.

2. Write It Down or Talk About It

Whatever "it" is, write it down, talk it out, just get it out of your system. Allowing negative energy to remain trapped inside of you is pointless, so let it out. Use constructive outlets to catapult your positivity scale. Meditation, poetry, music, therapy, no matter the outlet use it to your advantage. GROW THROUGH YOUR STRUGGLE.

3. Be Self-Aware

As you learn more about yourself, take mental notes about how you deal and cope with things. Take time to self-reflect and understand how certain situations could have been handled better and which ones you handled well. Reflect on how you treat others and do your best to radiate good energy so that in return good energy is attracted to you.

4. Be Confident in Yourself

Positive Change occurs over time, it's all a process. Take each day and find new ways to love yourself, to accept who you are. It sounds cliche but it works, the self-deprivation will begin to diminish and apologizing for who you are will cease to exist.

Self-Discovery obviously isn't subject to time, it happens over a lifetime. New situations and scenarios bring out new pieces of ourselves. Learning to adapt to those moments is the part where work is required. The past year has taught me what it means to be a person with so many different identities and embracing them without caring what others have to say about those identities. It has taught me the importance of being a feminist in a patriarchal society, the need for financial literacy in minority communities, and how I can use my platform to contribute to the movements I am passionate about. All things I plan to write about in my posts to come, so just wait on it.

This journey has given me an incredible understanding of self and my surroundings. Being proud to be a queer androgynous multiracial woman in an progressive society is a dream but being all of that in an unaccepting society is more of a reality. Imagine being told in different ways everyday the world wasn't meant for you. That shit is wack and I want to find a way to change it. This hostile political climate we are in has made taking on the world with a positive attitude as a woman of color a challenge but one I have learned I am up for.

We [POC] and people with multiple identities in society should revel in our community and come together with other communities to create alliances. No matter the spectrum, support is a necessity in the journey of self-discovery.

I remind myself of these affirmations everyday: this journey is mine and everyone is on a different path. Everyday is another opportunity for learning, another opportunity for growth. Others do not define me and I was not made for them.

I have faith in myself and I have faith in you. If no one told you this today, YOU CAN DO THIS. YOU ARE AMAZING. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. Continue to blossom, continue to shine!

Peace & Blessings

- A Sunflower

Photos: @afarmerphoto96

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