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Get into these CURLS

Well Hello Beautiful People!

I'm back again with the hair tips! And ready to share my new found love for some curly hair products featuring...wait for it...CURLS ! I partnered with CURLS for my 10k giveaway on Instagram and it was nothing short of a success. The Blueberry Bliss Line is to die for and resulted in a PAWPIN' twist out for ya girl. Exhibit A:

After first washing and deep conditioning, I used the Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave-in Conditioner to detangle my curls which, as we all know, takes forever! But the moisture this leave-in provides was much needed after leaving my hair in a bun for a week.

Normally, I finger detangle in the shower and then section my hair and detangle with a wide tooth comb as I twist each small section. This method sometimes takes a little longer but makes for a bomb twist out so, I ain't mad at it. I feel like doing your hair is a time for self-care and should be done with time in mind anyways. Don't rush through and expect the same results as if you had taken your time. TRUST ME. As a twist out veteran, I know what I'm talking about.

Once the section is detangled, take a generous amount of curl cream, I used the Blueberry Bliss Twist 'n' Shout Cream, and apply it to those curls. I make sure to use the raking method so the product gets all worked in! Do that sequence of the leave-in and cream for all your twists. Then, make sure you let them dry. One more time. LET THEM DRY. I leave my twists in for 24 hours at least, if not longer, so they are fully dry.

When my twists are fully dry I separate them gently, using the Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth Oil. When separating, to combat frizz, do so carefully and pick your hair from the roots to add volume. The finishing touch is those edges of course! Using the Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste slay down those edges and you are ready to go girl.

As always, I hope these tips help you along your journey of loving your natural hair and embracing your curls!

Love & Light Beauties

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