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The Blogging World: A Power Move for Women

The past year and a half has gifted me with amazing experiences, as a blogger. I've met beautiful people, made long-term connections and learned so much about myself in the process. Now, although some might believe the blogging/vlogging/influencer world to be full of superficial people who care only about material things, what I've learned goes far beyond stuff and things.

Prior to the blogger boom, I saw one kind of girl in promotional ads for brands; one kind of look. Cookie cutter, clean cut, slender, and lacking color. Not to give all credit to the blogging industry but a vast majority of influencers who you see working with these brands now, come from this industry. More diverse looking models have stepped out as a public figures because they feel they can make a change. The modeling and blogging industry definitely overlap in many instances, which I think is also very important to recognize. Models aren't just faces anymore, they are becoming more. More edgy, more risky, more willing to be themselves.

This industry is definitely female dominated, and again most will say it's because of sex appeal but my platform isn't used to promote sex so when people say things like that I automatically go into defense mode. You see, when I walk into an event I see business women, I see content creators, creative directors, photographers, artists, musicians, communicators, story tellers. Honestly, I could go on and on but above all I see voices all over the room.

In the blogging world, there is no lack in support. There is no lack in uplifting fellow bloggers and influencers, no lack in sharing tips or giving advice. I think its a beautiful thing.

I see this industry as a huge nod to feminism in terms of how women have been bold enough to pull away from social hetero-norms and be their own boss. How women had defied the commonalities of society and felt free enough to be themselves; to express themselves in ways that men only dream of doing. Women are encouraging other women, inspiring young girls to embrace themselves, and setting an example of how to manage a busy life. You think men could handle half of what we do? sorry, gentlemen the answer is straight up, no.

Is the industry perfect? absolutely not that's not what I'm getting at. Like everything else it has its flaws but in this space I like to focus on the positives of a thriving industry.

Women are the future there's no doubting that. This past weekend, I attended The Baltimore Book Fair and was taken to a panel where Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche was the honored guest. For those of you who do not know who she is, like myself prior to this weekend. She is well-known for her literary work. Americana, being only one of the many works of art she has given society. She is also well-known for being the speaking voice in Beyonce's song Flawless; an excerpt from her from her Ted Talk, Why Everyone Should be a Feminist. Anyways, she said somethings that resonated with me. First, that everyone should be a feminist. Second, everything is political, down to what we think we can do in society.

Both concepts are very interesting because as a blogger sometimes I feel like people take what I do as a joke and don't understand the planning, the hard work, the creativity and everything else that is involved. What people don't realize is that my ability to do what I do alone is a feminist movement. WOMEN USED TO HAVE TO SUBMIT THEIR LITERARY WORK IN UNDER A MAN'S NAME IF THEY WANTED ANY TYPE OF RECOGNITION. And that's just white women, women of color had to work 10 times harder just to even get their work looked at. I am a woman of color who is able to share my story, my thoughts, be a creator and influencer. Do you understand what this actually means? It's liberation. And correct me if I'm wrong but that is political term, last I checked.

To be completely honest, I don't really like politics. I think the majority of it is crooked and is definitely not for the greater good of the vast majority. Especially, in this hostile political climate we are in now. It doesn't speak to my "wokeness" at all. I stay up to date on the issues. But, Adiche made a good point about how politics are involved in everything. Ergo, I relate politics to blogging.

I don't have a blogging niche for a reason, because I like to have the freedom to speak on whatever I please. But, even those bloggers who do have a niche they are DOING something to promote themselves and participating in something they are passionate about. The fact alone that women have the platforms they do now is incredible to see and even more incredible to hear from people like my grandmother about how far we have come.

Women hold the future in their hands. Blogging and industries alike are just the beginning to female domination. Just wait on it.

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