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Minor Setbacks lead to Major Comebacks

Setbacks are a part of life. They come and go. Our main focus, in the midst of a setback, should always be the comeback. I believe the quote goes, "The ultimate measure of a man [or woman] is not where he [she] stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he [she] stands at times of challenge and controversy" - Martin Luther King Jr. So, why do we allow the setbacks that do come about to consume us? Why do we engulf ourselves in self-pity? Because its the easy way out. It's easier to moan and groan about what is wrong instead of trying to make it right.

At the beginning of this summer, I had a financial setback, I was scammed out of $1,200 and no that may not sound like THAT much money but because I am financially independent it was detrimental to my situation in many ways. These people took my entire savings in the scam, I felt so stupid for falling for the scam. I wallowed in self-pity and self-doubt for far too long. I already work so much and because of this I would have to double my hours and heavily cut back on my summer fun and summer plans.

I sat in my house day after day for a few weeks not doing anything but worrying and sulking. My "motivational epiphany" didn't come in a moment or a day. It came in progression and time I had to realize what I was doing to myself and how it was effecting my energy. Yes, this was a setback. Yes, I would have to work twice as hard this summer but the comeback I realized I would have gave me motivation in itself.

I put my faith in God that I would get through this setback and although I'm still getting through it my main focus is that I AM GETING THROUGH IT. I know that this will not happen again because now I know. The lesson was learned and as cliche as it is money is not everything. I found myself constantly worried about making this amount of money and that amount of money so I can take care of this and pay that instead of just putting my nose to ground working hard and trusting the process. When my hard-headed self finally just put trust and faith in myself and God, the benefits I reaped and am still reaping were and are immeasurable.

I "powered my way through the storm" as they, (whoever they is), say. Setbacks are as big as you make them. They can ruin a moment, even day if you let them or you can take the lesson for what it is, whatever it maybe and focus on your comeback. I promise you if you work hard the comeback will be 2x over what the setback was.

If you're going through it right now, pat yourself on the back and smile because you are getting through it. The setbacks aren't going anywhere my friends as unfortunate as it is; they are there to make you stronger. They are there to reroute your ideas and find more creative ways to achieve sucess, your dreams or whatever you're working towards. They are lessons and if you make them small they will remain minor as a prelude to the greater things that are to come.

Remember that you control your happiness. you control your emotions and anxieties. Don't sweat the minor things because there are people out there doing a lot more with a lot less I promise you. Be grateful for your experiences and lessons and COMEBACK better than ever. I believe in you.

All Love.

- A Sunflower

Images courtesy of @sandross.alim

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