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My Sunfloweraversary

A year ago today, I launched The Sunflower Experience, a blog dedicated to spreading positivity and light to the people around me. I wanted to be able to use my blog as my outlet to share my experiences and adventures! Since then, my blog has grown into this place where I can bear my heart and share my experiences with anyone who wants to listen. My blog has created opportunities for me that I never thought I would have including working with brands and being on the news!

Who would have thought little old me would be able to do all of this. Originally, my blog was going to be a private place where I could put my thoughts and have poems I would write sometimes, on a digital surface but I was encouraged to share it and create a whole website out of it, so I gave it some thought and decided why the hell not.

Instagram to my advantage for it. I started getting really great feedback about my positive posts and so I figured maybe I will give this another shot. Therefore, The Sunflower Experience was born. Over the course of the summer I would post here and there but I found myself getting lazy with posting and I decided that maybe this wasn't for me so I kept my posts to one post a month. Then, I decided I would keep my blog as just a summer blog because during the school year I was just too busy and couldn't keep up with it. But after a while, I started to miss posting on my blog so I picked it up again and did another post here or there.

I researched a bunch of different bloggers and even found a bunch in the DMV area who I could draw inspiration from. I met with a blogger from my college and eventually my bestfriend Tacha (@t.a.c.h.j) joined the blogger club too so that gave me even more motivation to keep at this because I had someone to bounce my ideas off and who I could go to for advice, vice versa of course!

As I was feeling my way around the blogger lifestyle I couldn't really seem to categorize myself. I am a curly girl but I am no curl expert or youtuber. I love fashion but I am no style expert so I couldn't really put myself into the beauty blogger category nor do I travel 24/7 so travel blogger was out. I found myself once again questioning if this was actually for me and then I remember something I would tell myself a long time ago and something my best friend Tacha reiterated to me. Labels and categories are just odds and ends that society needs to feel comfortable but it doesn't mean I have to fit into any of them. Being an individual and having my own niche is what makes me stand out.

I let that simmer for a bit and I decided, f it I'll be all of them! I'll be a foodie, share style tips when I have them, hair tips, travel secrets when I go on adventures and spread positivity throughout all of my posts. I started having photographers reach out to me (but don't get it twisted I am no model) I just love working with other artists and creating dope content with them. I started working with more and more creatives and Tacha and I even curated an event together called "Curl Talk" which brought all kinds of new blogger friends our way!

My blog has grown so much visually and content wise. I have moved over to a new host and bought the rights to my domain! I connected my Instagram to my blog and created a business account for it so it could continue to reach new people and grow even more. I took a risk and stepped into the blogger world for real.

I was starting to get hit up by all these brands and creatives and it got a bit overwhelming. There was so much pressure to post content and do this and that or be here and there just to show the world I was a "real blogger." At times, it felt inauthentic. I had to revisit why I started my blog in the first place and it wasn't so people could take my picture or to get free stuff it was to spread light and positivity according to my own rules and standards.

The Sunflower Experience is my place of peace, a place that I have created for others to find peace and discover new places, ideas and perspectives. If you are struggling with creating content or think you are not doing as well as the next person stop right there. First, never compare yourself to anyone else and second, your blog, your content and your contribution is yours and yours only there is no other you so make it unique and don't think you have to live up to other people's standards to succeed. Be unapologetically yourself and the rest will come! You can do this and don't let anyone tell you differently.

I appreciate the on going support of all of my readers and followers.Thank you so much for the love!

All Love,

- A Sunflower

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