• Esperanza Maria

"I'm Talkin'Trips to Puerto Rico"

Traveling has always been a hobby and passion of mine. I love seeing and experiencing new places, people and not to mention food. Since I had never been on spring break before and my whole mantra is to get out experience life I went out on a limb and decided to go with my friends on a trip to Puerto Ricooooo! Now, mind you ya girl (that's me) pays her own bills and I am pretty much on my own financially so I had to plan this trip out so strategically it was insane! I will be dropping tips on how to stay financially stable in college and still be able to live life soon don't worry!

Anyways, so we booked our air bnb, found some good flights and were on our way!

Upon arrival, getting out of the airport was pretty breezy there were 7 of us plus bags so we had to take taxis from the airport but PR does have uber and lyft so getting around was super easy despite the size of our group.

Once we got in and settled I was ready to get out and about and explore so we slipped on our swimsuits and headed out to find food and drinks then hit the beach! Our first day and night was short lived because we were all pretty tired from the trip so we started out fresh for day 2.

Our über driver from the previous night told us to check out El Yunque National Rainforest at some point during the trip so I convinced everyone wake up early so we could hit that and get a good hike in to start our day. The scenery was absolutely breath taking and the hike, although long, was so refreshing (a word of advice have more direction than us because we ended up taking the long way into the waterfall).

The next few days were all about typical college spring break to dos, day-drinking, bar hopping and tanning on the beach! The beaches were so gorgeous there and the water was a beautiful blue. So clear and blue, in fact, you could see your feet in the water (thats the only kind of water you will catch me in). We traveled into Old San Juan and did some sight seeing and ate amazing food!

It was so nice finally being able to experience a spring break and relax with my friends. I even got to use some of my Spanish (I'm still working on it though). Puerto Rico is filled with gorgeous nature, history and bomb food. Plus, it isn't too expensive so if you want a nice get away on a budget hit PR it will give you all the vibes you need.

All Love.

- A Sunflower

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