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My Summer Began in Aruba

Back in April my grandmother called me one random day and told me to pack my bags. Now, any other person would have been like "I'm ready when you are." But because I am a independent college student who supports herself I said, "Pause Gran, what did you do you know I have to work, I got bills to pay." I bombarded her with all these questions and she just laughed at me and said, "Grandad and I are gifting you with an all expense paid trip to Aruba in late May." When I tell you I immediately started crying I am serious it was actually instant. My wonderful grandparents planned a trip for a family to go to Aruba and spend a week there just to enjoy fun in the sun.

My grandparents have been going to Aruba every year since before I was born and have acquired family friends and tons of familiar faces to return to each year and this year I got the pleasure of tagging along and experience this country I had heard much beautiful things about.

As time approached for us to leave for the trip I was beyond excited. I had my money saved, my new bathing suits in hand and a fresh passport ready for stamping. The Monday we were supposed to leave my poor grandmother had stayed up all night packing and by the time she made it to the airport it was too late to check our bags so we missed the flight and had to end up leaving later in the week. (Everything happens for a reason so no harm or foul done) Although, I was hella sad because I strutted out of work the day before with a beaming smile just to have to return the next day and have everyonee asks me why I hadn't left.

Anyways, travel day made its way back around. We made the flight and had a smooth ride into the beautiful country of Aruba. There is only one airport in Aruba, as the island is extremely small so we got to see all the private jets and planes that the celebrities had flown in on for the Soul Beach Festival that was going on. The view from the sky was gorgeous!

My grandparents and I arrived a day before everyone else, so we stayed with a family friend for the first night and then moved into the resort when everyone flew in! My cousins Jillian, Blair and Cassie got to come on the trip with us and its always good time when we all get together. My older brother and my cousin Tracy flew in finally and the whole crew was all there and ready for a good time!

First stop, the beach of course! Y'all know I had to get my tan on! Now, get this, in Aruba, they have happy hour like 3 times a day so we kept the margaritas and Pina Coladas coming. The water in Aruba is so clear and so warm it was like bath water I swear and the sand is so soft it was like no other beach I had been to.

The whole fam went on a sunset cruise one evening and ya girl got to rope swing into the water off the boat it was so much fun, I highly recommend if you have opportunity to do something like that you do it! The experience is so exhilarating! Would it be me if we didn't eat good too? Nope. I definitely had to get my good grub on while there. The thing about Aruba is it is a dutch colony so they don't have any native dishes and the majority of the people who live there are either just passing through or were born else were and migrated to Aruba. The people who were born there normally have descendants from other countries.

Everyone in Aruba speaks at the very least 3 languages, English, Spanish and Popimento (their dialect), Popimento is a mixture of Spanish, English, French, and Dutch. The people who were born in Aruba or who have lived there for an extended period of time normally know 4-5 languages which include the ones already listed as well as Dutch and French. The reason for this is because Aruba gets the majority of its income from tourists and so they need to be able to communicate with all the people who pass through.

The iguanas that have made the resorts their home are so beautiful and vibrant and if you get the chance to get close enough they will pose for you haha!

I absolutely loved exploring Aruba with my cousins and brother! We got to see some amazing scenery and goof off together per usual!

On our last few days in paradise we ate at two amazing restaurants, Aquarius, which was connected to a roof top pool that was so peaceful and beautiful. Being able to look out on the city of Oranjestad and see all the nature mixed with he city lights was breath taking. We also ate at this lovely restaurant called Fish & More and let me tell you the Spicy Shrimp Pasta is the way to go, I'm biased though I love all things spicy haha.

I wanted to make the most of my last day there since everyone had left except my grandparents and so I decided to do some water sports and chill by the water all day to get my last few licks of the sun! I went paddle boarding and water tubbing then made my way back to the pool to chill for the rest of the afternoon.

Aruba was all I could've asked for plus more it was literally paradise and because I work so much relaxation and fun in the sun was exactly what the doctor ordered. I was so sad to leave this beautiful place and I can't wait ti return. If you get the opportunity to take a trip to this beautiful island. don't think. JUST DO IT!

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