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Jord Watches x The Sunflower

Hi Loves! So, along with stepping into this blogging world one of the great things about making connections is being able to work with brands! Recently, I partnered up with Jord Watches, which for those who don't know is a luxury wood watch company and they create amazing products! The company is hosting a giveaway that includes entering to win $100 off your first purchase, how awesome does that sound? Not only that, but just for entering you get a $25 off code for any watch of your choice! The one you see above is my beautiful piece called "Frankie 35 series- Zebrawood and Champagne." I absolutely love neutral colors and my favorite color jewelry to wear is gold so I was naturally drawn to this style. The face of the watch is large and standouts perfectly on my arm. I am also a huge fan of bangles and beads to dress up anything I'm wearing and the Jord watch fits perfectly with my jewelry but can also hang by itself and look just as great! I love versatility with all of my accessories because I have a few signature pieces that I always wear and that is pretty much it. My style is extremely laid back and relaxed but even when I dress up every now and then my watch goes perfectly.

The handcrafted wood watch is super light weight and is just in time for summer vibes! I will be heading off to the beach really soon and will definitely be stuntin' in my watch (ok, I know that was corny forgive me y'all.) Not to mention Mother's Day and Graduation season Is fast approaching and you will definitely need a gift for both of those events! I promise you, your mom or the grad will appreciate one of these timeless pieces from Jord!

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