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Adventures with Fresia

If you're a blogger, you know that getting to know new people come with the territory! Between events, collabs, and the like you get to meet some amazing humans! Well, this past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of spending a few hours with fellow student and blogger Fresia Blanco (@betweenblackandblanco). Fresia and I attend Towson University together and share a common interest for experessing ourselves.

We ventured into Hampden, MD to a coffee shop she recommended called, Artifact Coffee.. side note: if you ever go try the waffle, that is was Fresia got and it was so bomb.. anyways, the place was very rustic and had a very open and chill vibe. We got to talking and I found out that Fresia and I are alike in our thinking; she is very independent minded and likes to work hard to acheive outstanding personal goals. She is an LTA member which, for those who do not know, is a Latin Sorority on Campus, as well as being a Resident Assistant, a member of the Latin-American Student Organization or LASO AND she is a student activist. Talk about an over achiever lol.

Fresia's blog is a lifestyle and fashion blog but recently she has taken a new stand and has ventured into truly experessing herself through words in addtion to her AMAZING style within her blog. Her style is truly unique and I encorage all of you to check out her blog for style tips and to learn all about how she expresses herself. Some of our discussion topics included why we both started our blogs. I learned that Fresia has always been extremely stylish and expressive through her different looks and upon taking a risk she decided to begin her blogging lifestyle but always drew inspiration from other bloggers, she now plans to evolve with her posts and make them more expressive in diction. Of course we ventured into the topic of ways we are improving ourselves as bloggers and as individuals, women empowerment becasue we are both such strong minded, independent souls. We discussed the ramifications of these past few months regarding the outcome of the election and Fresia educated me on some of the social issues she has recently been involved with including a protest on campus that focused on immigration.

To say the least our first collab was super informmative I learned so much about Fresia and what her blog means to her. Although our blogs embody different foci I couldn't be more excited to have done this as my first collaboration. It gave me so many more fun ideas that I am so incredibly excited for you all to see! In my experience, I have always found it helpful to network and connect with different people and I look forward to future collabs with this gem! Keep an eye out for her blog and stay tuned for more collabs!

IG: @betweenblackandblanco


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