• Esperanza Maria

DAMN. is Right

Well, DAMN. Kendrick. Once again, the genius that is Kendrick Lamar has been released. Two years after releasing To Pimp a Butterfly, Lamar has blessed the world with yet another amazing album that defines the meaning of versatile. Tracks such as "Love." and "Loyalty." I promise, you will find on the radio being over played per usual but even those tracks I personally don't think I could get tired of. Then, you have tracks like "DNA." and "Pride." that take a deeper dive into societal norms such as objectifying women, the corruption of rap music and allowing money and riches to control who we are and what we do. Tracks like "YAH." that take you on a trip through what we are dealing with politically. Whether it is through melodic tones of Rihanna's voice or through the truth in Lamar's killer verses where he calls out society this album should resonate in some way. I took time to listen to it at least 4 or 5 times all the way through before I picked my favorites, which are "DNA.","HUMBLE.", "LOVE.", "GOD.", "YAH.", "PRIDE.", and "LOYALTY." But once again, the entire album is timeless and an investment to listen to. I can just see all the Instagram captions that will come of this album but before you simply throw these words in your captions or take the platonic meanings from his verses, take some time to listen and understand where his art is coming from. Yes of course, he has his mainstream moments to appeal to society and for sale purposes I'm sure but Kendrick Lamar will go down in history next to the plethora of great rappers in the world. His music sends a message he talks about real situations and does what people like lil yachty and Kodak Black don't. He speaks to the people and understands what it means to be woke in more aspects than just political issues. While those are extremely important, don't get me wrong. He touches on so many other reasons we should take the time and look at ourselves in the mirror. He uses his music as a weapon, so as his listeners and audience should use it as a tool for understanding. Hope you all loved the album as much as I did and if you haven't gotten a chance yet here is the link to the video for "HUMBLE."

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