• Esperanza Maria

Curl Talk Recap

A few months ago, my best friend/sister, Tacha and I curated an idea of hosting an event in D.C. dedicated to natural women. She and I both follow a variety of naturals who originate from either New York or LA on social media. We often see these women hosting or attending networking events and brunches catered to bringing together women with curls and coils of all shapes and sizes. We thought to ourselves, hmm.. there never seem to be too many events similar to those in the DMV area. So, to fulfill our New Years resolution of 2017 being the year of the follow through we took matters into our own hands. The idea of "Curl Talk" stems from the concept of girl talk of course. Because ladies, you know when you get together with your friends the topic of hair never escapes conversation. In the natural community, sharing tips & tricks and talking products is somewhat of a necessity because most of the time maintaining curls and coils is all trial and error. Ergo, Curl Talk was born. We wanted to create a space where women could come and feel confident and beautiful together. As well as offer the opportunity for connections and relationships to be made. For those of you who have hosted events before you know how stressful and time consuming it can be but regardless of the obstacles that stood before us, we charged head first into planning and sold out the event not once but TWICE! On event day, we had an amazing turn out of beautiful women who both supported our movement and had similar ideas about natural events in the area! We engaged with some pretty powerful and strong women. The event started out with a mix and mingle portion and then we moved into the open forum where we gave away prizes and goodie bags to select attendees and heard some inspiring stories about natural hair journeys and experiences with natural hair! The event overall was a huge success and I have my sister Tacha (@t.a.c.h.j) as well as our photographer Joy (@joyimani) & JR (@jrthwitness) our videographer to thank for such a successful day. ​A special thank you to all of our attendees for supporting the event and actively engaging, encouraging and inspiring young women of color to embrace their natural hair with confidence and style. Shout out to our new curl friend Fedorah (@namedafterahat) for stopping by the event as our special guest of the day and for her amazing input! Below are some of the beautiful pictures of the day!

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