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I Fell in Love with The Ocean

Alright, so I know if you're reading this you had to have listened to/ watched Frank Ocean's projects. After thoroughly listening to Endless and Blond I understand why people give Frank Ocean so much praise, he is an artistic genius. What some people might not know or understand is why Ocean dropped so much material in such a short amount of time. Speculations of him never returning have come up but the real reason behind it is because Ocean is also a smart business man. Endless, the visual album, that was released first was a throwaway, to release him from his contract with Def Jam. Blond, is an independent album and obviously Frank made a smart move being his own boss but that also supports the speculation that he may not return after this because is no longer obligated to a label. Getting into the music, at first watch I was extremely impressed with the visual album, Endless, but I did not understand it very well. Further analysis gave me better insight or at least my interpretation, the only person who truly knows is him obviously. Out of the entire visual album I do have to say that his cover of Minnie Riperton's "Loving You" absolutely stole my heart. The notes he hits in the first few lines gave me chills and from there I fell in love with everything else. The actual visual was produced beautifully and the overlay, so that there could be multiples of him, was impeccable. Each aspect of the visual represented something in my eyes. The multiples represent his dimensions and the depth of who he is as an artist, while the steps represent knowledge because as you go up each step you gain more and at the beginning of the steps there is no color ( or knowledge) and as life goes on we get more and more color. Again, that is just my interpretation, yours might be different. ​

Now, Blond is exactly what Ocean wanted it to be, out of the box. He not only succeeded in his efforts to create a master piece, but he created something that is far more progressive than we were ready for. His music resonates and you can hear the instruments, you can feel his sound and in today's age that is rare. I think that people are drawn to his aura, within his music he creates a connection between his audience and his sound in a way I have only seen few artists do. It's crazy because I listened to Channel Orange but never appreciated for what it was of course there are songs I like but these projects stole my heart for sure. Blond incorporates so much into one piece between the dialogue, the pure sounds and the all around flow of the music I have no idea how you couldn't love it.

Tracks like "Facebook" and "Seigfried" capture sound so abstractly that it's almost hard to keep up with but that makes the album what it is. Which is obviously genius. "Nikes" is of course a crowd favorite, especially because of the trippy visual and that is why Frank is so different because he doesn't think of typical shit to throw on an album and out into the world. His music makes a statement and I'm here for it all. How about you ? Feel free to leave comments!

All Love,

- A Sunflower

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