• Esperanza Maria

Kilgore Falls

For those of you who are from the DMV area, we know that Maryland is more than just farm land and The Chesapeake Bay. But, I never thought I'd see such a beautiful waterfall this close to where I live. My friend Krystal asked me one day if I wanted to go to a waterfall and of course, me, being the sunflower that I am, agreed.

The next day, we made the drive and got stuck in a storm, the crazy part is, on the way there there was a tree in the middle of the road and as crazy as we are we tried to move it! Don't ask why but we thought we could, obviously it didn't budge so we had to drive around and when we finally got the park, we hiked into the waterfall. It was only a ten minute hike or so but the scenery was phenomenal. Once at the waterfall it was a smooth 66 degrees but we went under the waterfall anyways because why not you only live once right?

The experience was a story in its own and the waterfall elates so much peace from it that I walked away with a new mindset on how I wanted to approach my future and summer. If you ever get a day to yourself you should go to Kilgore Falls and do some sight seeing and meditating, take it from me you will walk away a more peaceful being.

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