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Welcome to Nawlins'

For the 4th of July weekend I was invited to join my cousin Jillian, who just graduated from Duke University, on a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. Upon arrival, mind you this was a trip of 19 women, we mingled and caught up with each other then proceeded to go to this lovely restaurant called "Jacques- Imos." All the food lived up to the down south taste I have heard so much about! I honestly could not get enough of the cornbread. when I say, get the corn bread!

The next day we had an amazing tour through the Bayou which my Aunt Harriet was scared to go on because there were alligators (haha love you Aunt Harriet). The scenery was so gorgeous and seeing alligators up close in their natural habitat was so amazing!

After some much needed down time we got ready and headed out to Frenchmen Street for the night. Frenchmen Street is where all the locals hangout; we didn't want to be completely touristy and just go to Bourbon Street (lol). Frenchmen Street was full of local bars and live bands pretty much the whole night, which was so lively, I could not stop dancing it was amazing. We got to hear some real New Orleans jazz and some of the tunes that are popular among the locals. Of course, you all know me I had to have a quick photo shoot while we were out! Especially, in front of this amazing mural entitled La Esposa de Los Muertos, which translated means Wife of the Dead.

On the actual 4th of July we took this 3 hour tour through downtown New Orleans and learned the history of the city. Now, it was July in New Orleans... just let that sink in for a moment. JULY. New Orleans. lol so it was definitely hot and a work out in itself but the scenery was mind blowing. From the structures to the cemetery and the private gardens I was ready to move to NOLA despite the heat and humidity!

That night, the group headed out to dinner and then off to watch the fireworks on the Mississippi River. For the younger ladies on the trip our night was not over after the fireworks because... Bourbon Street was waiting for us for the 4th of July turn up! Bourbon Street was filled with lively people of the night and some people were even chilling' outside of their hotel rooms throwing beads like this was Mardi Gras lol. We had such a fun night dancing and singing along with all the djs!

If you get the chance to go to NOLA my first words of advice would to go during cooler months haha. But, definitely go to Frenchmen Street at least once! Get the Beignets (trust me). Eat all the Gumbo and Jambalaya you can find, hit up Bourbon Street for all the lit drinks and EXPLORE EXPLORE EXPLORE!

I'l definitely be back NOLA thank you for an amazing trip

- All Love.

A Sunflower

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